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How can I apply for New Ometa Net connection?

You can apply for new connection through Contact page on our website. You can also call us directly at our Customer Care number 01762-280469 OR email us at

How can I check my Data Usage?

You can Login to My Account section for our website and from there you can see your data usage details. You can also visit “My Account” link to check real time usage.

How I can get in touch with Ometa Net?

You can contact our Customer Care support team at 01762-280469 or you can also write us at for any Queries, Complaints or Requests.

How to test my Internet Speed?

In order to get best test results, we recommend you to check your Internet Speed on by selecting nearest server location. If your speed test result falls below your current plan’s range, please ensure following check points:

  • Turn-off your Wi-Fi port and Connect your Laptop/ desktop directly via LAN cable to avoid any interference.
  • Close any programs/ updates or in-progress downloads that are using your connection and ensure disk utilization is below 10%
  • Reset your internet modem and/or router and rerun the speed test.

How can I make Online Payment of my Bill or Recharge?

For making online payment follow the steps below:

  1. Login to
  2. Click on Quick Pay Option given on the home page
  3. Fill in your payment details and your customer ID
  4. On submission, you will be re-directed to our payment gateway options
  5. From there, you can select an option between 1. Paytm OR 2. Paynimo and complete the transaction.

How I can change my Wi-Fi password?

To change your Wi-Fi password or Wi-Fi Name (SSID), please follow these steps:

  1. Log in through the IP address, Username and Password mentioned at the back of your router.
  2. Then change the password mentioned under WPA PSK2- *******
  3. In order to change the Wi-Fi Name (SSID), please update the name mentioned under SSID- Ometa

What are True Unlimited Plans?

True Unlimited Plans are truly unlimited plans which offer limitless data on primary speed thorough out the month. Unlike other unlimited plans which have monthly data usage limit and post consumption of this data usage limit, the speed reduces to secondary speed for rest of the month. True Unlimited plans come with No Data limit and no such speed restrictions. You can download as much as you can. These plans are currently available is select areas only.

What is FUP (Fair Usage Policy)?

While the packages are designed to give unlimited broadband experience to the subscribers, few customers may use excessive amount of the data transfer, causing traffic congestion on the network. In order not to impair the experience of other users, a Fair Usage Policy is applied. This helps to give the desired Internet usage experience to all users, especially since broadband is a shared bandwidth experience and the over-usage of a group of customers must not affect the rest of the users.

What is the range of the Ometa Net Provided Router?

Ometa Net Provided Router offers the range of approx. 10 meters to 15 meters. Within the range of 10 meters, user can enjoy the maximum speed depending on environmental feasibility.