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Terms and Conditions

Installation charge are extra & non-refundable in any event.
Frame static IP (Dialer based) available @ Rs. 200/- per month, service tax extra. (available with plan validity/balance validity only).
All packages of 3 Mbps or above are Subject to technical feasibility. It is sole discretion of the company to decide the technical feasibility.
Ometa Net reserves the right to apply a Fair Usage Policy for Unlimited Plans to manage fair consumption of data, ensure equitable customer experience, and control excessive consumption by a few customers.
Subscription to Unlimited Plans is only available for Individual/ Home Customers for Personal Usage.
All packages are Pre-paid and no refund will be given in any case.
In normal circumstances, expected time for new installation is 4 working days after technical feasibility is done.
Renewal activation time will be 24 hrs. after submission of CRF with payments at office.
Shifting charges for connection is Rs. 500/-. Shifting is subject to technical feasibility at proposed new location.
Internet security is subscribers responsibility and all customers are advised to take necessary security precautions.
Customer will have to provide permission for installation of Junction Box on his premise and will have to provide uninterrupted power supply for the same.
Internet is a shared medium and any end to end bandwidth cannot be assured.
We follow TRAI guidelines by providing more throughput then suggested maximum contention ratio for home users which is 1 : 50 between ISP node.
Data Usage includes Download and Upload.
The Price plans can be modified or withdrawn anytime without prior notice.
Ometa Net reserves the right, at any time, without giving any reason or prior notice, to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, the access to Access sites and remove and discard the contents.
Speed indicated is speed up to our ISP (Internet Service Provider) node. There is no assurance that the said speed will be maintained beyond our ISP node. Even upto our ISP node, it may not be maintained at all times depending upon the network congestion, technical reasons or any other unavoidable circumstances.
Router and LAN connection will be the responsibility of customer end.

Documents Required for new connection:

1) One passport size photo.
2) One ID Proof (Licence/PAN Card/Voter ID) photo copy.
3) One address proof (Electricity bill/BSNL telephone Bill/SMC Tax bill) Without documents application CRF will be rejected.