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Ometa Net bring latest and most advanced Fiber optic technology to your home to provide you a fully-dedicated internet connection. Our Advanced Fiber optics is future ready and can handle speeds 1000 Mbps and above. Ometa is Best internet service provider in Chandigarh, Mohali, Panchkula, Ambala

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Our Featured Services that We Provide

Different Types of Services Ometa Net Provide

Super Fast
Internet Solutions

Ometa Net provides super-fast Broadband connection for Home User on fiber and wireless. we believe in full satisfaction of customers.

Internet Leased Line
with 99.5% uptime

Ometa Net provides ILL for business with 99.5% uptime. ILL, enables you to optimize and manage your bandwidth by blocking unproductive traffic and prioritizing mission critical applications

Secure & Smart
Firewall Solutions

We are well-versed in all Firewall related technologies and we value security, flexibility, and ease-of-use. Firewall solution: monitor your employees with Time Tracking,�User Screenshot Record, Keystroke

Campus WiFi

Ometa Net provides best solution for Campus wifi. We will give affordable solution with advance technology.

Corporate Broadband

We build Mobile apps that offer users a seamless experience whichever device they use. We've been building apps for Android and iOS.

Smart Home, Office
IoT Solutions

We build dynamic web applications with the latest technology to automated quality assurance. We build high quality components and UI/UX for building rich, interactive user interfaces.

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